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Your story has already begun. I'm just here to connect, get to know you & capture those moments in between, for you to look back on for years to come.

I'm looking for that authentic "scrunched-up nose kind of smile", that slobbery yet loving kiss on your cheek from your son or that butt grab from your admiring husband who thinks your just the bees knees. Yeah, that's right. I said it. Give me all the real life moments.

If you've taken a look at my work & think we might be a good fit, reach out below! If you have questions or more to discuss, by all means, let's start that conversation. Check out my FAQ section at the bottom of this page to see if it helps answer any questions you may already have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

frequently asked questions

Do you shoot weddings at all?

In short - no, I do not. I have however solo shot a wedding or two, years ago, when I first started this whole journey. I also second shot a wedding a few years back with another local photographer. It was a great experience overall and allowed me to really know, that at least right now at this point in my life... weddings just aren't a good fit for me. I'll definitely capture those life events surrounding your wedding however!

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sessions?

Both. I think there is a place for each in our lives. I often come into a client's home to capture those early days at home with a newborn & a growing family. I've also done in-home lifestyle sessions simply to capture that season of life where you hang out as a family, laughing, pillow fight, playing a game, baking, capturing a bedtime routine or a breakfast routine... essentially it could be a day in the life, but we fit it into a 1 hour session. Indoor sessions in your home are most definitely unique to you. Your home essence is something no one else can recreate. It makes it all the more special. Outdoor sessions are great in that we work together to choose a location that we think would work best for your vision. They're often shot in the morning or late afternoon/evening (depending on the time of year). If you have young ones, this is great for going on an adventure together where I might ask your child to find me sticks or flowers along the way, or you swing your kid, or run through a field together, etc.

What can I expect for a newborn session in my home?

Typically, I'll enter your home & have you give me the initial tour to check out all of the natural window lighting areas. We tend to focus on the master bedroom, nursery & living room areas. However, I've also found that shooting in areas such as hallways or the stairs can offer unique lighting with light/shadow play. You can prep for your session by picking up any distracting elements in your rooms that you wouldn't want in your photos, have 1 or 2 outfits ready for your newborn (can be a solid-colored onesie to start with), as well as a few swaddling blankets to choose from. We'll move certain things out of the way while shooting and I've often been known to "redecorate" when I come in, closing or opening curtains/blinds and sometimes moving furniture a little to get a better shot angle. We'll take breaks for feedings & diaper changes so don't fret about any of that. If you are nursing & desire to have those bonding moments captured, just let me know & we can even do it discreetly should that be a concern. We'll capture shots of you interacting with your baby as a family, mom & dad individually with baby, siblings with baby, etc. We'll have you read books, tickle, play & cuddle. It is a casual, easy-going, lighthearted session so please don't worry about the shoot. Just be prepared to snuggle that newborn of yours & soak up these precious moments in your life.

What do we do if I think my kid(s) may not cooperate?

Some kids are stubborn and don't like being told what to do. (That's my youngest for sure, so I get it.) She does better if we ask her to perform an action for the camera versus just standing there and smiling for me. Something to take her mind off of the fact that I have my camera aimed towards her. I prefer those action shots anyway. But we've also done bribery. No judgement here! Bring along fruit snacks or skittles... something that doesn't melt perhaps and make them extremely messy in seconds. Something they can quickly pop into their mouth and take a photo before asking for more, ha. Try not to worry. Even with trickier kids... we just keep moving & shooting & always walk away with "keepers".

What happens if we have an outdoor session scheduled & it rains?

If it's to rain or actively raining... we can decide to either reschedule to another date (which is typically what most do), or if you're a couple and are down for the unique spin on your shoot, grab some umbrellas & let's hang in the rain! I have a cover for my gear & would love the adventure if you're up for it! Would be super romantic. Your call!

Help! I need outfit guidance. Can you help?

Of course! Send me some snaps of your outfit you have pulled together already and I can help guide you with mixing & matching patterns and color. If you have no idea where to start, I have some digital boards I can refer you to on my Pinterest account for visual inspiration as well. Don't fret! I got you covered. Your clothing attire can really make a huge difference in the outcome of your session, so please don't be afraid to ask & we can work together to create magic. That's what I'm here for.

Do you offer shorter mini sessions?

At the moment, I offer "marathon minis" on certain days where I show up at a pre-selected destination and we capture multiple clients spread out over the course of a few hours at a discounted rate for 20-30 minute sessions. I do not offer shorter one-off mini sessions at the moment for clients, but am considering on adding that into my lineup for 2022. So look for that to come if you're looking for shorter shoots on a date of your choice if you can't make it to any of the marathon mini session dates held throughout the year.

Do you capture content for bloggers or small businesses?

Absolutely! I would love to do more of that for sure. Especially when it comes to supporting other small businesses in the area. Please reach out to discuss further details if you're thinking of creating content of you while "doing your thing" or needing updated headshots for sure! I'd love to chat!

What's your shooting style like? What can one expect an experience to be like during a shoot with you?

Ah. So glad you asked! I'm friendly, sarcastic, always thinking about food & coffee, typically wearing comfy gym clothes (don't worry I'll shower before meeting up with you)... and totally normal. Well, I suppose that's debatable, but you catch my drift. No need to be nervous. I'm nothing to be scared of, just because I hold the camera in-hand. I love getting to know new friendly faces & I promise I'll make it fun! During our first shoot together, I'll spend a few minutes getting warmed up to you & yours, asking questions & gaining a better sense of your personalities... if you're more extroverted or introverted for example. This will help me better adapt our shooting style as we go. Some couples seem to do better at less directing coming from me & simply just need one prompt to get them into a position where they fall naturally into one another. The longer they sit in that moment, the more comfortable & natural it looks & those intimate moments fully surrender themselves to the camera. Other couples are more extroverted & prefer to receive prompts related to "run & jump into his arms" or "run with exaggeration through that field", etc. It's definitely not a posed session with me, but rather, I help guide & direct you by providing prompts to get you to do an action for me, rather me positioning you into a stagnant pose if that makes sense. I also am focusing on capturing all of those in-between moments. Now those, are some of my favorite. :)

When will we receive our photos?

Typically, I tell my clients that they'll receive a link to their online gallery in 2-3 weeks after their session date. You can download all of your edited photos from the gallery, share them on your social media & print whenever you'd like. I also include a print release. You can expect to see a few social media posts from me (typically on Instagram) before I finish editing your session. I often refer to those as "teasers" so you have something to see from your shoot instead of waiting to receive your gallery. I've been on the other end to know how eager you are to see your photos & how hard it can be to wait. Don't worry... I've got you. :)