The In-Between

Remember it all

I'm always clicking away behind the camera & looking for those "in-between" moments. You know... the intimate, the silly, the embarrassing & the ridiculous.

If you arrive to your shoot expecting your children to sit up with straight backs and be perfectly posed & smiling at the camera, then you'll be in for a rude awakening when I'm telling your kids to "pretend I'm not there" & look away from the camera, interact with mom & dad & be your silly selves.

Life isn't perfect, so don't expect for shoots to always go as you envision either. When kids are involved, come to your session with the expectation that we'll go with the flow & it'll be all good. See also: I've totally been peed on by a newborn one time during a session. It's fine. We're all fine.

If you're a couple... know that I won't be necessarily posing you, but rather prompting you to keep moving & interacting. If you're the type to want to grab your partner's booty, by all means, grab it. It'll make her laugh & create beautiful moments captured. Whisper something dirty in his ear or something that makes you super proud of her. These things all elicit a response from the other person & create authentic moments for you to look back on for years to come.

I hope that you'll remember the experience of it all.

I've included some examples below from past shoots to help ease your mind about shoot expectations.

  • booty grabs
  • intense laughter
  • nose-picking
  • the sass
  • kid having a meltdown (you better bet I'll be grabbing that shot for you to laugh at later)
  • tossing your kid up onto your shoulders and he grabs your eyes by accident
  • continuing to shoot through the baby crying while daddy reads your other child a book (that's real life folks)
  • wearing surprise socks for an engagement session to add your own personality & humor
  • let the kids toss those leaves
  • the bribery
  • playing spiderman with your sons
  • playing in the dirt
  • tackling grandma & grandpa
  • laughing as you try to safely get down a cliff together