Some of my favorite

Authentic moments is what I'm all about.

When you walk away from a session, I hope that you look at it as more than just hiring someone to snap some photos. I enjoy getting to know families, couples & individuals on a personal level & learn more about their lives... to watch them grow over the years & be a part of celebrating their life's moments. I hope you feel comfortable enough with me to laugh, be yourselves, be goofy, whisper dirty things into your significant other's ear, grab his or her butt, make fart noises if that's what gets your kids laughing... whatever it takes to get those laughs & smiles. I'll be there to capture it all... the tantrums, the nose-picking, the tears, the smiles, the quiet & intimate or the loud & crazy spinning around in the air moments. I'll be there for all of it, so that you can always remember the "perfect moments" & the in-between.